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Repair Policy

Service + Support Gulf Color Film Labs Repairs (all terms on this page effective as of January, 2015 )

For warranty repair see this page Please contact for assistance with processing repair requests. Spare Parts Ordering: Please contact for assistance with spare parts orders. You can find the details for many consumables such as flash tubes or modelling lights. General Repair Terms and Conditions:

All products sent to Gulf Color Film Labs Repair Department for generation of repair estimate are billed 200AED for preparation of the estimate. This charge is credited to the repair if the customer approves the estimate. Requests for Warranty Service must be accompanied by proof of purchase (copy of a dated bill of sale). Important Repair Holding Time: 1. Any product that is sent to GCFL for service outside of warranty is evaluated for repair and an estimate is generated. This estimate is sent to the customer. 2. After the estimate is sent, the customer must approve or reject this estimate and provide a form of payment for the repair. 3. The service department will follow up with the customer via email and phone at least weekly to attempt to get an acceptance or refusal of the repair. 4.

In the case of refused estimates the product will be returned to the customer at the customer's cost. 5. If the customer does not respond to the estimate, within 90 days of the first issuance of the estimate, by either accepting the charges, refusing the charges and providing return shipping information, or requesting more time then the service department will send a "signature required" letter to the customer requesting a response within 30 days. The letter will contain notice that the customer has 30 days to accept or refuse the equipment or it will be disposed of (i.e. thrown in garbage). The letter will also contain a copy of the quote listing the items to be disposed of and the repair estimate. 6. If no response is received 90days after the generation of the estimate then the goods will become property of GCFL and will most likely be disposed of. Repair Eligibility:


Products over 10 years old may be refused for repair. We do not stock spare parts for products older than 10 years. Spare parts for these products may be unavailable. Please check with the service department before sending older products in for repair. Typical Repair Times: broncolor, Visatec, Kobold, Elinchrom, and Foba - Estimate usually issued within 4 business days of product receipt. Repair is normally completed within 5 days of approval of estimate. Some repairs may take longer based on availability of spare parts. Repair Parts: Please note that under no circumstances will GCFL return the repair parts that were removed from the product(s) serviced at GCFL. These repair parts will either be disposed of under GCFL supervision, or sent to headquarters for evaluation.
Limited Warranty Coverage All broncolor, Visatec, Kobold and Elinchrom products are covered by a two-year warranty from the date of purchase from Gulf Color Film Labs.
Letter of Explanation Be sure to write a letter indicating the specific nature of the problem or service requested and your full contact information. Please be clear. The more information we have, the better able we will be to service your equipment properly.
Flash Units Beyond Reasonable Repair When final estimated labor and parts costs exceed 50% of the price of a new product, we consider the old product to be beyond reasonable repair, and will accept it for a 15% goodwill credit against the selling price of new replacement equipment. Making this exchange will require specific authorization by you.
Impact Damage Products with impact damage require individual estimates and may be subject to re-estimate once the extent of damage has been determined by disassembly and examination.
Repair Warranty Repaired equipment is subject to a 90-day limited warranty, covering only re-repair if necessary and not consequential damages.

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