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Tronix Explorer 500Li Portable Power Supply Inverter
The Tronix Explorer 500Li is a Pure Sine Wave Inverter that can seamlessly power multiple bi-voltage/digital/analog flash units or monolights, even set at full power. It is powered by the Tronix Explorer Li-Ion battery pack (not included - must be purchased separately).

Tronix Explorer 500Li is rated at 500 watts continuous and recommended up to 2400ws. It can provide around 350 flashes using a 400ws monolight (eg. Elinchrom D-Lite IT 4), or around 700 flashes with a spare battery and at recycling time close to that of the wall socket. At 4.7kg this very portable power supply comes with a carrying case for easier handling during on-location photo shoots and offers increased protection against dust, dirt, drips, etc. For extended photo shoots, Tronix Explorer 500Li has an easily-replaceable battery feature for quick installation of spare battery, allowing more chances to get that perfect shot. It can also power computer peripherals

Tronix Explorer 500Li

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