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The Syrp Slingshot is designed to take motion control capture to the next level. Whereas motion control is normally limited to the length of your slider, the Slingshot allows you to achieve motion control for distances up to 100m (328ft.) Moreover, it can be used high above the ground, so you can capture vast nature and city landscapes. You'll just need the motion control device itself in addition—either the Syrp Genie, Genie Mini, or multiples of these, all sold separately.
    Set Contents

  •     Syrp Slingshot
  •     Slingshot Carriage
  •     4 x Wheels
  •     Slingshot Linear Accessory
  •     Ratchet Bar
  •     Fixed Bar
  •     82 ft Genie Rope
  •     2 x 82 ft Slingshot Ropes
  •     2 x 19.7 ft Tie-Down Straps
  •     Camera Safety Lanyard
  •     4 x Wheel Safety Hooks
  •     Ratchet Wrench
  •     Slingshot Carry Backpack

Syrp Slingshot

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