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Skyport Transmitter Plus HS for Nikon
Product Code:19367
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Product Highlights
20 Channels in Normal Mode
20 Channels in Speed Mode
4 Groups
Hi-Sync Mode up to 1/8,000 Sec.
LCD Display Screen
Up to 656' Triggering Range
Compatible with 3 Flash Unit Generations
Visual Feedback Interface
Control of all your lighting setup through visual feedback with the display of power levels and modelling lamp settings.
Hi-Sync technology
Once Hi-Sync is activated, anyone can go beyond the normal X-sync of their DSLR camera.
An 1/8000s shutter speed is and accessible to all.
Extra distance range
The distance range (200 m (656 feet) outdoors and 60 m (196 feet) indoors) will enable to work under challenging circumstances without missing an important moment.
No extra receiver necessary
Any flash unit with EL-Skyport capability, either built-in or external (like Transceiver RX for Style RX, Digital RX and Ranger RX series) is compatible

Skyport Transmitter Plus HS for Nikon 19367

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