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Ranger RX Speed AS
Product Code 10267.1
@ AED 8,500 ($ 2,325.58)
The Ranger RX, Speed and Speed AS units are 1100 Ws portable battery pack units. The basic unit is smaller and therefore lighter whereas the Speed units will recycle to full power in 2.9 seconds and deliver up to 250 flashes at full power. The Speed unit is available with either a symmetrical or a 2:1 asymmetrical output to allow fast flash duration. The power range is 7 f-stops to allow precise control of light. Incorporating the most advanced miniaturized components weighing in at only 8 kg – much lighter and smaller than any comparable unit – and controllable by EL-Skyport remote control, by iDevices™*, computer** or by handset, the Ranger RX increase enormously the ease of using light on location. We believe these will be the units to which others will be compared

Ranger RX Speed AS

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