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Pulso G Lamp 1600 J (32.115.XX) @ AED: 8,490.00 ($ 2,303) Key Features: - Corresponding Emission Characteristics of Flash Tube and Modelling Light. - Can be Equipped with 1600 J or 3200 J Flash Tube. - Plug-in Flash Tube and Protecting Glass (with Mechanical Safety Device). - Front Focusing Device. - Quick Release Bracket. - Automatic Locking Mechanism of the Light Shaper (Rotatable 360°). - Integrated Tilt Head with Locking Lever for an Optimal Breaking Effect. - Integrated Umbrella Holder. - Cooling Fan and Thermal Protection. - Automatic adaptation to the respective Mains Power Supply (After Exchange of the Halogen Modelling Lamp).

Pulso G Lamp 1600 J 32.115.XX

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