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Professional Video Crane Flamingo with Koliber Pan/Tilt Head Set, Tripo & 10 Inch LED Monitor (Battery Not Included)
Flamingo is new version of our popular Video Crane, prepared for
optimal work with motorized Pan/Tilt Head - Koliber. Moreover redesigned mounting platform facilitates mounting of any Video Head and therefore using Crane as a Jib.
New functions make Flamingo even better and open up even more creative possibilities. Maximum reach of 3.7 meter allows to show world in unusual way - from high above. After deploying appropriate counterweights, Jib allows you to take steady, smooth and dynamic shots or capture images from unusual angle.
Included sturdy tripod is supplied with new Cone Click connector allowing for instant device assembly and secure operation
    maximum reach: 3.70 m,
    maximum Jib length: 2.80 m (from tripod central axis),
    folds down to 1.40 m,
    maximum load: 4 kg,
    weight: 9 kg,
    tripod mounting: STF Tripod.
    load capacity: 4 kg,
    head weight: 1.6 kg,
    size: 48 x 37 cm,
    maximum size of recording device: 22 x 23 x 42 cm (width x height x length),
    internal clearance: 37 x 22 cm,
    cord holes: 25 mm diameter,
    turn range in both axes: 360 degrees,
    speed at both axes: 6 sec - 8 min per turn,
    voltage: 7-14V DC,
    set powered by Li-Ion batteries (Sony NP-F970 compatible),
    Sony NP-F970 Li-Ion battery life: 10 hours,
    main construction material: hard aluminum,
    top layer: paint powder coating.


Professional Video Crane Flamingo with Koliber Pan/Tilt Head Set

AED16,980.00 Regular Price
AED13,980.00Sale Price
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