Tronix Explorer XT3
 @ AED 3,500 ($957.59)
The most powerful Tronix Explorer yet, Tronix Explorer XT3 is designed to work with powerful bi-voltage / digital flashes (also called as Monolights / Monoblocks / Studio Lighting Kits) and Power Packs, giving recycle time as fast as that from a wall socket. Description: - High Power and Fast Reaction - If you are the type of photographer that uses high-powered (800ws/1000ws+) flashes or powerpacks, and often, at full power settings. Or that you need faster recycling time to capture fast moving sequences - Tronix Explorer XT3 would be perfect for you. Rated at 800watts & recommended up to 2400ws. Designed for powerful compacts / strobes, at fast recycle times (at full power, as fast as to wall socket recycling time

Tronix Explorer XT3


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