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NOVOFLEX ClassicBall 3
 @ AED 1,900 ($520.54) 
used by professionals and amateurs alike is now available in a completely revised version. Version II features a “true” panorama panning base with 360° laser engraved scaling at the bottom of the housing. To make use of the panorama function the ball head is being turned upside down thus allowing a 100% accurate leveling to avoid a sloped horizon while doing panorama shots. To support the leveling, the CB3 II comes with an integrated bubble level. The necessity to lengthen and shorten the legs of your tripod/Quadropod to adjust no longer exists. The combination of CB3 II and the brand new MonoLite tilt head converts it into a two way tilt head with silky smooth movements in just a matter of seconds.

NOVOFLEX ClassicBall 3

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