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Foba TURNO Turntable 
The TURNO Turntable from Foba is well-suited for professional 360° shots of the highest quality and precision. It possesses the controlling software T-Ctrl and the visualization software T-Make. Thanks to the acrylic plate, shots can be performed rapidly and without needing to post-edit them.
The columns TURSA and TURSU can be mounted onto the upper plate. This enables the use of any holders or supports for the most various objects. TURNO’s column can be taken off and dismantled. As a result, the turntable can easily be transported for on-site shots.
•Software Controlling: T-Ctrl
•Visualisation: T-Make
•Operating Systems OSX 10.6 and 10.7; Windows XP, 7
•Port USB
•Speed 2 rpm (maximum)
•Power Supply 110 / 230 V
•Height To Upper Side of Plate: 31.9 ± 0.4" (81.0 ± 1.0 cm)
•Diameter Plate: 25.9" (66.0 cm)
•Maximum Load Centered on Acrylic Plate: 44.09 lb (20.00 kg)
•Centered with Column TURSA or TURSU: 264.55 lb (120.00 kg) (3 additional feet needed

Foba TURNO Turntable

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