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Foba DSS-Alpha Camera Stand 10' 
Availability: Special Order
@ 60,000 AED ($ 16,282)
Foba has improved upon its top-of-the-line ASTIO stand with the DSS-Alpha. Bigger, more versatile, and even easier to handle, its stability and control make the DSS (Digital Support System)-Alpha ideal for virtually any digital or film photography application.
It features a unique hexagonal column and cross arm for stability and smooth adjustment. Vertical and horizontal movements glide on 24 roller bearings for fingertip-adjustable smoothness. This model's column height is 10'.
Accessory tray, low position arm, camera tilt head and angle bracket may be ordered separately.
Wide center column increases stability and allows for a shorter counterweight, increasing the range of vertical movement.
Rotating cross arm allows you to adjust your stand's rotation quickly, even if you're ten feet up a ladder.
Single-pedal locking mechanism provides greater ease of use.
Adjustment scales on the column and cross

Foba DSS-Alpha Camera Stand 10'

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