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Foba DIMIL Shooting Table 
Availability: Special Order
This Foba DIMIL Shooting Table is a premium quality shooting table with a sand-blasted color corrected acrylic shooting surface that allows for reflection-free photography. No visible crossbars prevent you from shooting into the curve. The front curve is pre-formed.
Part of the Combi system, Combi connectors can be attached directly onto the table for added flexibility. Acrylic sheet is included 
Position lights above, below, and behind the shooting table, for dramatic, or high-key lighting with precise control
•Working length of table: (110 - 197 cm)
•Table width: (123 cm)
•Acrylic sheet flat surface without pre-formed curve: 47.2" (120 cm) wide x 20 - 55" (50 - 140 cm) long
•Sheet total surface area: 48 x 71" (122 x 180 cm)
•Sheet thickness: 0.11" (3.0 mm)
•Weight: 72.0 lb

Foba DIMIL Shooting Table

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