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Foba DIBRO Shooting Table - 63" (1.6m) Wide 
Availability: Special Order
This is a Foba DIBRO Shooting Table. Large FOBA shooting tables are equipped with preformed 6mm thick Plexiglas® sheets with double undulations. The legs are 80cm tall Combitube sections. The side brackets are equipped with Combitube System connectors, which greatly increase the effective use of this table by enabling mounting of arms, brackets and connectors to be used for holding fixtures and/or lighting controls. 
The DIBRO table is 63" (1.6 m) wide and has a (distributed) weight capacity of 132 lbs (60kg). 
•Creative Light Effects 
•Highlight products with your spotlights underneath the table 
•Blow out backgrounds for pure seamless white, or chosen colors 
•Precise Control 
•Use the Combitube rail system combined with optional clamps and arms to block light, or add highlights to your subjects 
Flat surface: 5 x 3.3' (1.5 x 1 m)
Height of main surface: ~32" (80cm)
Sheet thickness: 6mm

Foba DIBRO Shooting Table - 63"

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