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Foba DAPOI 11.8' (3.5m) Steel Tube 
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The Foba DAPOI 11.8' (3.5m) Steel Tube is a rigid steel tube used with various background papers, providing a 50mm outer diameter for use with background papers.  The DAPOI helps keep a background roll nice and rigid, preventing crinkling and sagging and the like which can affect how a background works or appears in an image.  Backgrounds are expensive and have to be replaced when problems arise, but this steel tube will help eliminate much of that frustration.  All of this is especially critical with the longer backgrounds that would use this DAPOI tubing.
•Rigid 11.8'/3.5m tube for background rolls 
•Prohibits damage to, or sagging of, the background paper's cardboard core 
•Used with Foba's "DAPOR" roll holder fittings to assure roller, tube, and background move as one 
•Made in Switzerland

Foba DAPOI 11.8' (3.5m) Steel Tube

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