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Fiilex P360 overview

Building on the strong foundation of the popular P360, the P360 Pro Plus LED Light from Fiilex has a variable color temperature of 2800-6500K and a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) rating of >95. The P360 Pro Plus employs a Dense Matrix LED array that could fit on a dime and renders a bright flicker-free output with a native beam angle of 65 degrees. Optional Fresnel lenses are available to tighten the beam angle.

At only 1.85 lb with a 4.8" diameter, the P360 Pro Plus is an ideal location light that can be powered by the included 100-240 VAC power adapter or by optional 12-28 VDC batteries. Whatever way you power it, you'll appreciate the low power draw which translates to low running costs and long running times. Besides the AC/DC adapter, the P360 Pro Plus ships with a set of four-way barndoors to further control the beam spread.

  • 4-Way Barndoors for P360 and P360EX LED Lights


    These 4-Way Barndoors for P360 and P360EX LED Lights from Fiilex are a spare or replacement set for the set that comes with the lights. They slip onto the light allowing you to control, direct and contour the beam to suit your needs.

Fiilex P360 Pro Plus LED Light

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