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 Elinchrom Quadra Pro Flash Head 20121
 Product Highlights

  •     Flash Duration as Short as 1/3,000 Sec.
  •     Umbrella Reflector Included
  •     Long-lasting LED Modeling Light
  •     Ultra-lightweight: 10 oz
  •     8.2' Removable Head Cable
  •     Optional Head Extensions Cables

The Quadra Pro Head from Elinchrom is a powerful, full- functioning miniaturized flash head which is perfectly mated to the 400Ws Ranger Quadra packs. At only 10 oz and measuring a mere 3.1 x 2.9", the head not only packs well and is eminently portable, but is mountable in situations that would be impossible for a full-sized flash head.
The Pro designation denotes the system's standard head but in no way should it be considered an under-performer as compared to its "A" counterpart On the contrary, the Pro head is capable of very fast flash durations as short as 1/3,000 sec.

Elinchrom Quadra Pro Flash Head 20121

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