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CHIMERA Panel Frames & Fabrics, CHIMERA engineers have produced a modern version of Dean Collins popular Light form panels using 5/8" aluminum alloy tubing. These frames, which are compact and rigid enough to use outdoors, allow you to instantly create your choice of diffusion, nets and/or bounce fill sources in seconds, without the use of tools.
A specially designed pin-grip system on the frames allows you to set and lock the frames in place with a single standard 2 1/2" grip head, with no slipping! The heavy-duty internal bungee cord keeps the frame segments together during storage and travel, and aids in super-fast set-ups. CHIMERA Panel Frame sizes are: (24" x 24"), (42" x 42"), (48"x48"), (42" x 72") and (72" x 72").

CHIMERA Panel Frames & Fabrics

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