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Broncolor Unilite 3200 J 32.114.XX
The Broncolor 3200 watt/second Unilite flash head has a sturdy aluminium housing grip, and bayonet mount with automatic lock for interchangeable reflectors and various area lamps. Its plug-in flash tube has a ceramic socket and spring for a secure hold. The flash head can be fitted either with 1600 or 3200 w/s flash tubes. Suitable for AC voltages from 100 to 240 V thanks to the stabilized fan supply (must be fitted with a corresponding modeling lamp). It is also usable with the battery-powered Mobil power pack (without modeling light). A power supply for this flash head is required.
Compatible with almost every Broncolor power pack, including the battery-operated Mobil.
The protecting glass is available in 5500° K or 5900° K as well as "clear" or "mat". Safer protecting glass holder thanks to mechanical lock. Umbrella holder.
Integrated tilting head with locking lever.
Equipped with thermal protection, and is fan cooled.

Broncolor Unilite 3200 J 32.114.XX

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