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Broncolor Standard Reflector P70 33.107.00
@ AED: 925 ($ 251.02)
Broncolor Standard Reflector, Slightly Textured Open Reflector, optimised for Pulso G, Unilite and Minicom. A controlled centre emphasis can be achieved using a focusable Pulso G lamp. The ideal Light Shaper for every situation, it has a high light output and a Homogenous Light Distribution. Its Light Angle is 70°. It can be combined with Honeycomb Grids, with 2 or 4 Barn-doors, Opal Diffusers and Colour Filters.
Key Features | Optimised for Pulso G and Unilite lamps. Dimensions ø 23.2 x 18.4 cm (9.1 x 7.2”)

Broncolor Standard Reflector P70 33.107.00

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