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Key Features

  • 48 High-Quality LEDs
  • Portable Integrated Solution
  • Sophisticated Capture Software
  • Built-In WiFi and Bluetooth

The Scope D50, from Broncolor is a unique, portable, surface-visualization system which reproduces absolute authenticity in the shape, color, and texture of an object by means of a digital image. The results can be viewed in any web environment or on any mobile device. This allows for on-the-spot digital recording of objects and artifacts that can then be examined thoroughly at a later time.

Developed by Broncolor and powered by Truvis, a scientific startup company originating from the Digital Humanities Lab at the University of Basel Switzerland, the Scope D50 is the most advanced system of digitally experiencing surfaces. It takes multiple images which are then translated into a mathematical surface model. This technology adds a whole new dimension to analyzing a subject as opposed to studying flat photographs. Details that previously would have been lost can now contribute to a greater understanding of artifacts. Conveniently battery powered, the scope D50 creates a new level of detail in research, creating more accurate reconstructions when studying objects.

More than Digitalization

Software creates a surface model from 48 single images.

More than Photography

Unlike classical photography, the digital recording of the Broncolor Scope D50 is not static but interactive.

More than Lighting

The light that affects the object can be moved virtually, making it possible to display details that are barely visible to the naked eye.

Broncolor Scope D50 Portable Surface Visualization System (UV/IR )

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