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Key Features

  • 3200 J Lamphead for Satos Power Pack
  • 3200 J Flashtube
  • 2800 to 6800K Bi-Color LED Model Light
  • 97+ CRI, Flicker-Free Operation
  • Uses Standard Broncolor Reflector Mount

The Pulso L 3200 J Bi-Color LED Modeling Light Lamphead from Broncolor features bi-directional communication with Satos power packs, allowing for easy and direct adjustments of flash output, color temperature, modeling light, optical slave, and test triggering. It features an energy-efficient bi-color LED modeling light with a color range of 2800-6800K. The LED matrix has a high 95+ CRI and flicker-free operation. The lamphead can operate in flash, continuous, or mixed mode. The quick release Broncolor bayonet mount is compatible with a wide range of light modifiers, available separately. The flash tube can be precisely adjusted for fine-tuning the light within a modifier, and the unit also includes a color-coded recognition light feature for easy identification. The high-quality protective glass cover features a matte surface coating assuring homogeneity of the light output.

Broncolor Pulso L 3200 J Bi-Color LED Modeling Light Lamphead

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