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The B-Control fires the B500 TTL light at the same time
that the shutter is pressed.
Several strobes can be controlled by a single B-Control transmitter.
You can take pictures freely and comfortably with Channel control,
stable and accurate radio signals.

Support for TTL Feature
Canon E-TTL Auto-flash!
It automatically adjusts the volume
of flash light to suit your surroundings,
making it easy to use a strobe.
In a variety of color and light environments,
The TTL feature is very helpful.

Support for HSS
Strobe can help you fill up the lack
of light during outdoor shooting
with 1/8000th of a second maximum
flash-sync speed, and it enables
high-quality shooting that delivers
the vivid.
In case of reverse light during
outdoor shooting, it helps to shoot
both characters and background
in the right brightness.


B- Control TTL For Nikon

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