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★Black & Silver Fabric – Spine with Locking Tilter – 4x Curved Tubes – 2x Tension Rods – Travel Case

★The world’s only curved reflector for portrait and headshot photography

★Creates stunning beauty lighting with a seamless curved catchlight

★Redesigned base with locking tilter adds versatility and greater lighting control

★Reflective silver surface bounces studio or ambient lighting

★Eyes come to life with a gorgeous catch light that follows the natural curvature of the eyes; Suitable for enriching the light of photography from multiple angles in various scenes

★Made from handcrafted aluminum extrusion with reversible fabric, lightweight and durable; Thicker and flatter with no crease, this reflector won’t be get wrinkled and produce light spots easily; Double sides with 4 colors (black, white, silver, gold), offering you four distinct lighting options

★This clamshell reflector can be rotated up and down through the adjustment knob, and you can rotate it as your like for suitable shooting angle; The all-metal tilter bracket fits directly onto any light stand. Just only need few steps you can finish the whole process of installation

★Package Contents:

1 x Clamshell Reflector

1 x Travel Case

Arclight Curved Eyelighter

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