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Aputure HR-672C
@ AED 1190 ($ 322.94)
LED Video Light offers a adjustable colour temperature between 3200-5500K.
The HR672 with CRI95+ ensures that its light is natural and lifelike. It is perfect for colour-critical applications such as fashion, documentary and short films.It emits 4636.8 lumens of light, about equal to traditional 400W incandescent light. Also, no matter the shutter speed or FPS, it never flickers.The HR672 is 32-mm-thin and about the same size as iPad. It’s lightweight and compact, but with 672 LED bulbs. It is 33% thinner than common LED lights and their geometric shape makes them easy to carry in groups. Its portability and power let you create and set the atmosphere in any environment.

Aputure HR-672C

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