Scanlite Halogen 300-650 Watts 3 Head Kit
Product Code 20659
@ AED 5,400 ($ 1477.43)
The SCANLITE Halogen Sets are an excellent choice for low cost digital photography, video and many other imaging requirements. The new ZOOM function for the Halogen lamp offers lighting options from wideangle to hotspot with many Elinchrom Reflectors. The approximate stand sets and carrying bag are listed separately as requested by the owners of flash systems who wish to purchase the lamp heads. If the stand umbrella sets are required, they are priced very competitively. Set Content: Halogen Lamp 300 Ws x 3, Halogen Lamp 650 W x 3, Glass Dome - Transparent x 3, Umbrella Wide Reflector 90° 16 cm x 3. Elinchrom Carrying Case - Compacts x 1

Scanlite Halogen 300-650 Watts 3 Head Kit


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