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Foba Turna
Availability: Special Order
@ AED 56,250 ($ 15264.59)
 High-precision geared motor. Encoder and high gear reduction provide extreme angular accuracy.  • Smooth, continuous rotation without jolts in both directions.  • 3 wheels for easy displacement, each wheel adjustable individually in height and with individual brake.  • Also for ceiling installation: take wheels and plate off.  • Synchronisation for: Horseman and Rollei shutter, Hasselblad, Canon, Nikon. Technical data:  Height: 30 cm (11.8").  Weight: 41 kg / 90 lbs.  Input voltage: 110 V or 230 V.  Rotating speed: 0 to max.1,5 rpm.  Diameter: 60 cm.  Centred max. load with: TURTU: 75 kg / 165 lbs,   TURAA: 200 kg / 441 lbs

Foba Turna

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