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Key Features

  • 3200Ws
  • Multi-Touch Screen & Physical Controls
  • 3 Individually Controlled Head Outlets
  • Use Continuous and Flash Simultaneously
  • Recycling: 0.01 to 2.4 sec
  • 11 Stop Range in 1/10 Increments
  • Flash Duration as Low as 1/8500 sec
  • Four Bays

 Satos 3200 Power Pack  (with Two Batteries and Two Power Supplies ) from Broncolor opens up a new level of control for you in studio and on location. Powerful and highly customizable, Satos power packs offer you innovative solutions to problems and the tools to find the perfect lighting combination for your needs.

Light Control

Control every element of your light's characteristics on each of the three channels individually, including color temperature and power, all while being able to shoot with flash and continuous light separately or simultaneously. Additional features like the bi-color modeling light, LED continuous light with green and magenta correction, and high-speed sync make the packs even more versatile to fit your needs.

Adaptable Interface

A multi-touch display, as well as physical controls with haptic feedback, allow for full customization with easy and intuitive access to all of the features Satos has to offer. Built-in WiFi offers additional control options via the bronControl app for further customization and adjustment on the go.

Dual Power Management

Adapt the Satos to your needs in studio or on location thanks to the power slot design that lets you insert power supplies, batteries, or both into your pack. Use whatever combination works for you, whether you need to prioritize portability, faster recycle times, or overall power.

Included Batteries and Power Supplies

The inclusion of two power packs and two battery packs allows you to start shooting right away. Utilizing both in combination allows for faster recharge times and a more stable supply of power to your lights. With four bays, the included power packs and batteries can be used in tandem or swapped interchangeably with additional power supplies and batteries (available separately) to maximize portability or power.

Broncolor Satos 3200 Power Pack (with Two Batteries and Two Power Supplies

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